Buyer Guide --- How to choose a screen for meeting room?

To choose a suitable screen for meeting room first is to choose a suitable size. You should pick a screen based on the audience's position and size. For screen height, measure the distance from the last row of seats and divide by 6. The bottom of the screen should be 4 feet from the floor so that audience members in the back row can see the bottom of the screen.

Then choose a screen type. You can choose a wall/ceiling mount screen or a portable such as tripod or floor screen. If your room need a big screen and if it will be frequently used we suggest choose motorized screen which up and down easily by remote control and decreases risk of “pull-and-release”-damages on the screen. While if your screen is a small size one and you don’t use it very often manual screen is actually enough and practical. Portable screen specially meets request of multi-purpose meeting room where you can add a screen when in need freely and folds up into a small one to stock easily.

Fabric is also an important issue to consider for a meeting room screen. If the light control is good, matte white is best choice as most meeting room seats are setted suround the screen so request wide angle view. If the environment is bright, you can choose high contrast gray or higher gain fabric such as glass beaded.